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Well Within offers services that support multiple dimensions of health - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. We partner with you, and support you in creating your own unique wellness plan, whether for prevention or illness care. Classes and individual services are offered in a collaborative, nurturing environment designed to foster greater self-awareness through joyful & creative living.

We offer support to be Well Within through movement, energywork, bodywork, diet, spiritual growth, and community. You can select from group or private yoga classes, and private sessions of acupuncture, ayurveda, massage, yoga, herbal, nutritional, and other healing therapies.

Well Within is much more than just a clinic or yoga studio; it is a true community center. We understand that company is stronger than willpower, and are committed to supporting you on your journey to physical, emotional, and
spiritual well-being.


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Well Within, 715 Hill Street, Ste. 130, Madison, WI 53705, 608.236.9138, info@wellwithinmadison.com